Samsride is an on-demand App software for taxi, limo or delivery services. We offer white-label or co-branding solutions for existing transportation companies. We can generate iOS/Android driver and passenger apps with your logo and name. Customer who downloads apps will not see anything about us, it looks like your company owns the mobile application. Contact Us. Download Brochure.

Samsride is a flexible customizable system that supplies a platform for many industries.

Taxi/Limo Industry

  • Pre-book in advance
  • Interactive calendar
  • Sign up fleet and control fleet
  • Email and fare editable option
  • Set meter rates in dash
  • See driver route and speed in real time

Rideshare Industry

  • Ride share companies, similar to Uber/lyft business model. The companies operate in a niche market.
  • Have drivers signup from your website. You can then approve them after signup
  • Have members only ordering and drivers system


  • Peer to peer deliver
  • Food / grocery delivery
  • Easy drop down for delivery item
  • Driver self-signup interface

Shuttle Services

  • Children’s Shuttle, Medical Shuttle, Bus Shuttle, Limo Streth, Regular van shuttle
  • Take multiple calls
  • Add dependents
  • Children photo upload
  • Flat rate zip code to zip code
  • Meter rates

On Demand services

  • On demand dog walking
  • On demand gas delivery
  • On demand plumber
  • On demand towing

Mobile Workforce Management

  • Planning and forecasting
  • Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Shift Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Mobile Apps

Samsride platform is built with state of the art technology:

Scalable: Our platform is built on noSQL technology, which can handle large fleets with ease.

Flexible: We design our software to be flexible so we can change and customize according to your business requirements.

Real time: drivers and passengers communication within sub-second response.

Passenger App

  • Account: Passenger registration, profile edit, log in & log out.

  • Payment: Passenger can scan credit card in App. Our app is PCI compliant as we use a leading payment gateway. None of the credit card information is stored on our app server so passenger can rest assured that the credit card information is secure.

  • Easy Order: Passenger can book a ride with one tab of a button.

  • Track Driver: Track driver coming real time in map.

  • Alert: SMS trip alert or push notification to App.

  • Auto Payment: Once the trip is completed, the payment is deducted automatically using passenger's registered card. The invoice is sent to the passenger’s email.

  • Rate Driver: Passenger rates driver at end of trip.

  • Promo Code: Passenger enters promo code for trip.

  • Booking Options: Book now or future trip.

  • Booking History: Passenger can see all booking histories in App.

  • Fare Estimate: Passenger can get fare estimate.

  • Vehicle Type: Passenger can select the taxi type and check fare details such as base fare, price per mile and price per minute for each type.

  • Passenger Apps are ready for iOS 7, iOS 8 & iOS 9, Android 4.0+.

Driver App

  • Account: Driver sign up, log in & log out.

  • Booking Alert: Driver receives booking alert in real time push notification and can approve or decline jobs in App.

  • Simple Usage: Driver can manage booking flow with one tab of a button.

  • Navigation: Driver can use navigation in App for driving directions.

  • Payment: Driver can add toll or surcharge, accept credit card or cash at end of trip.

  • Waybill: Waybill shows driver information.

  • On duty/Off duty: Driver can toggle between on duty and off duty screen.

  • Booking History: Driver can see all booking histories in App.

  • Driver Apps are ready for iOS 7, iOS 8 & iOS 9, Android 4.0+.

Website Admin

  • Customizable UI: Website is completely customizable with your own branding.

  • Login: We provider partner admin login, driver login and passenger login.

  • Booking management: Add, edit, cancel, view all bookings.

  • Dispatch View: Complete view of all drivers in map in real time.

  • Auto dispatch: System sends call to the best available driver automatically.

  • Driver Direct Assign: Admin can send jobs to driver directly.

  • Fleet Management Module: Manage drivers and vehicles.

  • Promo Code Module: Manage promo code for marketing purpose.

  • Payment Module: Pay by credit card or cash or invoice.

  • Pricing Module: Set up flat rate or vehicle pricing based on distance and time.

  • Messaging Module: Admin can send messages to drivers or passengers.

  • Report: Provide calendar view of booking per day, week, month, booking status & history of cancelled bookings.

  • Export Trips: Export bookings as CSV file.

  • Web Booker: Customized web booker to integrate in your web site.

  • Direct Driver Pay: With this module, you can choose to pay driver directly at end of trip. Company keeps the application fee and the rest goes to driver. Your drivers will love this as they get paid instantly.

  • Zone based pricing model: The pricing model can be set up based on geographical zones. Different zone can have different pricing model.

  • Cloud Based:Cloud based system, fast & secure

Interested in using our system to improve your company transportation logistics?

Samsride is a proven transportation platform. We have large scale deployment in United States and happy customers. We can customize or provide a flexible solution to your business model. Our pricing is fair and really reasonable. Let us know what you can afford and we will do our best to work within your budget. Contact Us.