A turnkey solution to turn your operation into an automated on demand operation.

Customized to fit for delivery of goods and services, Samsride platform is flexible enough to monitor and control deliveries in your local community. Samsride software enables you to service businesses properly facilitating the many industries engaged within your community. From plumbing services, towing, restaurant delivery, pet services, medical services and more.

We can generate iOS/Android driver and customer apps with your logo and name. Customer who downloads apps will not see anything about us, it looks like your company owns the mobile application.

Delivery App

  • Peer to peer deliver
  • Food / grocery delivery
  • Easy drop down for delivery item
  • Driver self-signup interface

It is always a struggle when your business needs to manage outside field services. Being able to control, manage and monitor staff outside of your brick and mortar business can be made simpler with our software. Our service fleet management system can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your business.

Our software enables you to GPS track your staff and drivers as they service the community. Your customers will have real time driver arrival via app or web booker. The customers will enjoy the easy ordering process and system we have developed. You will be able to concentrate more on the service level of your operation and maximizing your income with our up to date superior platform.

Our seamless automated network allows for you to link up with a multitude of locations or companies you do business with each day. For an example; if you own a bakery and deliver goods to a multitude of places, those places can submit orders and monitor arrivals of goods to their doorstep with one connected system. Instead of having to call and figure out when the goods will arrive your app or admin can easily pull up and provide updates in real time. Your clients and partners will do more business with you knowing that the system you provide has made things so much easier for them. Get rid of faxes of orders and hand notes, upgrade your day-to-day operations with our system and have more time to concentrate on more important task of your business. Contact today or call 657-215-4441 for more information today.