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Samsride is the industry leading software provider for on demand services.

Samsride platform can be used to create on-demand apps such as taxi, limo, rideshare, kids shuttle, dispatch, delivery, plumbing, message service & more. Try our free demo today.

Product Features

Web site booking, Dispatch system, Driver app, Passenger app

Time calls

Customer can book in advance

Promo Codes

Generate your own promo codes

Manage your fleet

See your drivers in real time

Cash or Credit Card

Customer can pay with cash or credit card

Prepaid trips, flat rate

Handle flat rate or prepaid trips from customer

Assign Driver Button

Assign calls to your driver directly

Fleet Management Software

Built in the cloud, our fleet management software has all your needs to manage your daily operation.

  • Driver, dispatcher management
  • Real time driver GPS map
  • Real time communication with dispatcher, driver & passenger
  • Dispatcher or call center job tool
  • Kids shuttle service system
  • Permission based dashboard for admin, dispatcher & driver

It is brilliant I think Uber and Lyft should hire this company.


Passenger App

Passengers order car with one push of a button

  • Book in seconds
  • Show driver car realtime in a map
  • Pay with your registered credit card or pay cash
  • iOS and Android app are ready
  • App white label

Driver App

Driver's smart phone gets job done

  • Have both iOS and Android App
  • Process credit card payment in app
  • Driver GPS navigation
  • Driver push notification or SMS
  • App white label
To trust iOS App after downloading go to Settings in iphone > General> Device management > Trust.

Web Booker

Passengers order car from web site without smart phone.

  • Customer gets instant quote from web booker
  • Call goes to driver and admin in real time
  • Passenger uploads credit card on file
  • System charges credit card automatically at end of trip
  • Customer gets alert and email receipt

We Power the On-Demand Industries

On Demand platforms are disrupting many industries and can be used in various use cases. On demand system is complicated as you have to deal with lots of drivers, mobile users, GPS locations, drop off cell phone signals etc. It took us four years to fine tune our platform with our partners. Samsride software is on par with the billion dollar company system. Whether you are looking for taxi dispatch system, starting a TNC (ridesharing) company, a delivery company, having your own on demand App ideas, give us a try. It will save you millions of dollars and countless time. Schedule a Free Live Demo

  • Our system is Internet scale. Samsride system runs in Amazon AWS Cloud. Our web service uses Node.js which is much superior than PHP based Uber clone system.
  • Our software is real time. Your driver and customer get realtime communication.
  • The platform is configurable. We are the only company working with our partners. We listen to your use case and work with your requirement.
  • We choose MonogDB as the datastore, which can handle big data.
  • Native ios/Android App. We do not use PhoneGap App like other alternatives.
  • You keep the brand with your own ios/Android developer account.
  • Samsride dispatch system actually works. Avoid the others as they may look pretty with the help of Photoshop but they do not work in real life.

Node.js Web Service

Native ios Android Apps

MonoDB NoSQL Big Data Database

We replaced our legacy dispatch system with Samsride white label dispatch software. The system is a life saver. Not only I can track my drivers more effectively, also my driver can get jobs done easier without the costly outdated hardware. My clients are happy too as they can see our drivers coming in real time. The tech support is outstanding, they are able to listen to our suggestions and make improvement to the platform.

- Tim, Star Limo -